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Sold price analysis

Analyse local and national £ / sqft data


Getting Started

To get started click on a nearby plot of land to the area you want to analyse. This will open the Overview panel on the right-hand side. Click Sold Price Analysis and we're ready to get started.

Applying Filters

At this point, it is a good idea to start filtering the data in order to get the most relevant information. Try some of the filters like:

  • Change the search area size
  • Look for new stock only
  • Capute specific property sizes
  • £ / sqft within a specifc range

You will notice that the map will update as you input filters in the control panel. 

Now we can analyse the sales data. The graphs show sales history and transaction frequency. The figure above the graph is the average market price for the most recent year for that housing type.

A key bit of data here is the per square foot market value. Simple press the Price per sqft button to show these values.  

Comparing Sales Values

So far we have seen how we can very quickly assess local housing market prices for the nearby area of a given plot. Now it's time to take this analysis to the next level by allowing the user to pan across different areas and rapidly assess different neighbourhoods. 

To get started with this step click Map Tools and then Analyse Viewport. This will open straight to Sold price analysis in the control panel and you're good to go!

Simply pan across the map to analyse a new area, zoom in or out to change the size of the analysis area and input filters to screen the results.

And that’s the price analysis tool!

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