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At SearchLand, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We look at the ways in which we help our users realise their strategies and share the things they love about our platform.

Hugh Gibbs
March 31, 2023

At SearchLand, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We look at the ways in which we help our users realise their strategies and share the things they love about our platform.

SearchLand was created as a resource for property professionals to transform the way they approach site sourcing. Our goal has always been to facilitate informed property and land decisions by providing the most important and up-to-date data – and as a Software-as-a-Service platform, we knew we had to deliver an amazing user experience.

Our search tool was designed to be comprehensive but accessible; the responses we’ve received so far suggest we tick that box.

What our clients have to say

Take ease-of-use as an example. Site sourcing is no mean feat; it takes land agents and developers a long time to find a suitable site. We wanted our platform to be so straightforward and intuitive that anyone with an idea of what they need in a site can plug that information into our search filters, select an area and extract relevant results that match their criteria within seconds.  

We take pride in hearing from our clients that our platform is intuitive and easy to use – one of our planning consultancy clients highlighted the experience of a new joiner with no prior planning or development background who was asked to assist with a search for comparable applications using our platform.

Robbie Locke, associate at Optimis Consulting, said: “I gave the employee a five-minute overview of the platform and asked that they run their searches and come back to me with a list of relevant applications for one of our projects.

“I was surprised that after a couple of hours, I received a list of 10-15 sites. I had expected a series of questions on how to use the software, but I was told it was straightforward, logical and extremely user friendly.”

Even with experience, the process of gathering, refining and analysing the necessary information regarding planning constraints and approval ratings, title ownership and boundary information, price paid data and so forth can be a challenging endeavour for businesses of all sizes. The feedback from our clients is a testament to the impact we strive to deliver.

Andy Black, owner of Andrew Black Consulting, commented: “SearchLand has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes us to analyse new opportunities.”

The work that SearchLand helps its users complete can be extremely time-consuming, so it’s always gratifying to hear that people are benefitting from our platform in terms of time saved. This work needs to be done week in and week out, so by reducing the weekly workload of our clients we give them more time to focus on the bigger picture on a regular basis.

Saul Parkinson, operations director of XP Property Investments, highlighted: “SearchLand is a powerful tool which has streamlined our due diligence and property search workflow, saving our team many hours each week.

“It has enabled us to conduct a more in-depth review on every site in farless time, namely, the power of the sold prices, planning applications, company ownership and the extensive map layer options has consolidated several fragmented and clunky time-consuming resources into one quick and easy-to-use tool.”

We’ve heard our clients loud and clear – they want more functionality covering more elements of the site sourcing and due diligence processes. They want it to be easy to use, and for it to simplify their workflows into one streamlined, integrated process. 

Offering value to everyone

Driving efficiencies through simplifying the site sourcing process is exactly the kind of value we set out to provide for our users – and that doesn’t only apply to developers. Our roster of customers includes architects and other specialists with unique requirements that aren’t fully served by other platforms, and by working with them we are able to adjust our offering to meet their needs. On Architecture is one such business that has been actively involved in helping us tailor our offering.

Karl Baker, architectural technician at On Architecture Ltd., said of our DXF Exporter tool: “This is a tool we use on a regular basis, and it's been great to work with Hugh and his team in providing feedback on how this particular aspect of the software can be improved to become a more user-friendly tool – especially for architects.”

There is no better way to serve the exact needs of your users than corresponding with them directly. We are immensely grateful to our customers who have helped us to provide the best service possible. This service, however, needs to be affordable to organisations of all sizes, and this is something we have strived for. 

A fairly priced solution for businesses of all size 

Our value proposition was born out of a lack of available off-market site sourcing platforms. For such an essential part of the development process, it was woefully underserved by intuitive, affordable solutions that could serve the needs of both smaller and larger businesses. We quickly realised there was a need for a more suitable, fairly priced solution in the sector – one that SMEs could also benefit from.

That’s why our pricing is scaled to usage. Rather than paying a high price threshold to gain entry, users can actually pay for what they use – at an affordable rate.

Faster, cheaper, easier to use – this is what we set out to achieve, and today it is something we can truly offer our clients. Their user experience says it all.

Tej Singh, a notable property developer and influencer commented: “SearchLand makes sourcing, understanding and analysing a deal much easier and quicker, saving me money and time."

This kind of feedback tells us that we are on the right track, and we will continue to expand and improve our offering while listening to our users to meet their needs and demands as best we can. Our goal is to one day automate the site sourcing process entirely, but until then, we are proud of what we have achieved in our efforts to support companies of all sizes to operate faster, more effectively, and at a reduced cost by unleashing the value of data.

Hugh Gibbs
May 9, 2024

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Searchland has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes us to analyse new opportunities.
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