Uncover the scope of local energy networks efficiently
Searchland’s DNO data mapping tool outlines all substations, power lines, and towers within a designated area, providing a comprehensive overview essential for energy infrastructure planning. Delve into detailed insights including voltage and headroom data, network providers and cable details.
Navigate the electrical distribution landscape and discover opportunities
Uncover opportunities by combining the DNO tool with Searchland’s customisable land-sourcing filters and site-finding workflows. The rich data lays a solid foundation for strategic decisions, opening doors to new partnerships and projects.

Filter substations, towers and lines

See how many substations are in the area and the headroom for each substation and view the geographical location of nearby towers and cables

Coverage from every provider mapped

See which network providers power which area of the country.

Voltage and headroom data with one click

Access substation tower and cable details to plan future infrastructure development.

Reliable data sources

Access and filter DNO data via an intuitive interface

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