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Architects, planners and consultants

With access to live planning data, including site and building dimensions and more, Searchland provides professionals in the planning, design, and architectural sectors with all the tools required for success.

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A proptech solution for architects, planners and consultants

Searchland simplifies data access for professionals like architects, designers, planners, and consultancies. A single platform for exploring extensive data on UK planning applications, appeals, decisions, local planning constraints, sold property prices and more.

Who uses Searchland?

Architects and designers
Explore planning data and documents at a national or hyper-local level, and easily find applications and appeals to bolster your proposals and improve your chances of success.
Keep in touch with emerging opportunities like changing local positions, planning policy changes and property market shifts.
Planners and consultants
Improve your workflow by combining land-finding, land-screening, and land-acquisition tools into one seamless process.
Whether your specialism is planning applications and appeals, planning strategy, project management or planning policy - you’ll find everything you need.
Used extensively by architects, project managers, building designers, town planners, and property,  land consultants and multidisciplinary teams.

Analyse potential development sites quicker

Our planning data feeds you live updates on approvals, withdrawals or rejections. Targeting applicants is easy using the DTV letter sending tool in Searchland.

Access planning constraints and site specific data in one platform

Quickly toggle over 30 constraint layers, including flood zones, SSSI, greenbelt, listed buildings, and other national policy layers.

Save 75% of your time spent validating sites

Users have reported sourcing and analysing four times as many sites through our platform, than with alternatives.

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