Strategic datasets available in Searchland

We’ve saved you hours of work of sourcing and comparing strategic land maps by adding all of these together onto the Searchland platform.

Settlement boundaries

Five year land supply

Local plan positions

Housing delivery test results


Land allocation

Uncover simplified sourcing with strategic land data
Discover the benefits of our strategic land data tool, designed to streamline land sourcing. No more sifting through land supply datasets - Searchland consolidates strategic data including settlement boundaries, five-year land supply, local plan positions, housing delivery test results, SHLAA, and more.
Harness data for informed land allocation decisions
Skip lengthy document searches; we've tailored the data extraction process for ease, crunching crucial insights and bringing them together into a simple and digestible format. Overlay multiple datasets to derive insights and make informed predictions on settlement boundary extensions based on approved SHLAA sites.

Filter all the datasets

Filter SHLAA, Site Allocations and Brownfield land data to show only the specific sites you are interested in.

Quickly view key policy data

Avoid trawling through lengthy PDFs to find basic site information. We've already done the hard work of extracting this data into an easily digestible format.

View multiple strategic datasets together

Overlay multiple layers together to generate insight. Make predictions on settlement boundary extensions, based on approved SHLAA sites.

Reliable data sources

Find sites tied to national planning objectives in seconds

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