Explore commercial sales & lettings listings in Searchland
Access sales listings, detailed leasehold information, and completed deals without switching platforms. All the commercial property data you need to make informed investment, development and occupational decisions in one place for convenience and speed.
Identify and assess commercial opportunities in minutes
Source and evaluate the best commercial real estate opportunities using industry-leading commercial property assessment tools and data. Use filters like property type, size, lease details, and property yield insights to assess opportunities in minutes.
Commercial sales listings with EG data

Real-time commercial sales listings

Source on-market industrial, retail, office, commercial land, and residential properties using criteria like price per sq ft, tenure, primary use type, size and occupation status.
Commercial lettings listings in Searchland powered by EG data

Comprehensive commercial lettings listings

Access critical lettings data, including on-market listings and completed historical deals. View associated leaseholds. Get a timely and historic view of transactional trends and keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the UK market.
Commercial data analysis in Searchland powered by EG

Streamlined due-diligence

Shave hours from your due diligence assessment with a comprehensive database of property data and search filters. Identify commercial real-estate opportunities with detailed analytics and projections, including real-time price analysis and yield data. 
Commercial leasehold data in Searchland powered by EG

Detailed commercial leasehold information

Deep dive into commercial leasehold details, including sub-7-year leases, lease durations, rental incomes and vendor, purchaser and agent information. Assess lease agreements and make informed investment decisions.

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