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Finding the best development opportunities in the property industry requires strategic planning, risk assessment and precise decision-making. Our property API offers powerful insights including planning data, strategic council data, constraints, plot information, energy and more, to empower you to make the best decisions.

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The data we offer

  • Over 23.9 million planning applications

  • Comprehensive data from all applications published on council portals since 1990, ensuring 100% coverage.

  • Enriched data on appeals from all councils, totalling over 500 thousand appeals with links to the inspectorate.

Strategic Council Data

We have gathered and enhanced strategic land data for all Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) in the UK. Our approach to data collection involves a blend of methods: direct acquisition from interactive maps, extraction through communication with councils, and retrieval from PDFs when alternative approaches are unsuccessful.

Our data includes:


  • Allocation sites in adopted and emerging local plans

  • Settlement boundaries

  • Local plan Council data information including:

Call for Sites
5 Year Land supply figure
Housing delivery test
Local plan documents
CIL data

Collected and cleaned council by council

Key fields:

  • HMO license holder name & address

  • Licence start & end date

  • HMO address

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Geocoded point


Collected and cleaned from open data communities going back to 1990

Key fields:

  • Number of habitable rooms

  • Square foot of the property

  • EPC rating

  • Geocoded point

Sold Price

Collected and cleaned from Land Registry

Key fields:

  • Sold price

  • Sale date

  • Property type

  • Geocoded point

Title boundaries / Ownership
  • Freehold + Leasehold

  • Plot area

  • Percentage developed + constrained

  • Used Classes

  • Building information

  • Property classifications

  • Permitted development calculations

Planning constraints across England, Scotland and Wales
  • Heritage constraints

  • Natural and protected areas constraints

  • Flood zones

  • Agricultural land

  • Article 4

  • Nutrient Land

  • Coal Authority Data

  • London only Datasets


County, council, ward, parish, built-up area

Energy & Renewables data
  • DNO data of Towers, Lines and Substations

  • Includes: SSE, SPEN, WPD, ENWL, UKPN, NPG, National Grid

Our data sources

How accurate is the data?

Each dataset is frequently updated to ensure the most accurate insights and has been tested and approved by our clients. To request a sample, contact us.

Ready to access our data?

Our property data API is available as an off-the-shelf solution, or as a package tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch with us to start a conversation.