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Energy providers and utilities

Purpose-built tools to help energy providers analyse and source sites, including DNO data, solar insights, National Air Traffic Service maps and terrain analysis.

Energy providers and renewable companies using Searchland

A proptech solution for energy providers and utilities

From national energy suppliers and renewable energy innovators in solar, wind, and battery storage, to commercial EV charging providers and even fibre and cable companies - Searchland is paving the way for land-sourcing tech in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Who uses Searchland?

Used extensively by technical project managers, business development managers, construction project managers, land directors, land managers, land acquisition, and planning and development managers.
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Energy and renewable companies
  • Simplify  land-sourcing with access to up-to-date DNO data, substation and transmission networks across England, Wales, and Scotland.
  • Overlay solar insights - like average temperatures, terrain gradients, and solar radiation statistics - to identify potential sites that align with your requirements.
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EV, ISP and infrastructure
  • Pinpoint sites close to crucial infrastructure such as motorways and substations. Additionally, identify areas with the optimal amount of developable land specifically for EV charging stations.

Track new planning applications easily

Our planning data feeds you live updates on approvals, withdrawals or rejections. Targeting applicants is easy using the DTV letter sending tool in Searchland.

Find new development prospects

You can source sites based on nearby power infrastructure along with other specific requirements including size, density and terrain.

Appraise and price accurately with data-driven valuation tools

With the ability to purchase title deeds you can evaluate the price of land in a given area.

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