Locate thriving traffic and footfall hotspots for your next venture
Whether you are looking for a busy inner-city hospitality location with sufficient passing trade, or want to identify areas of high traffic for out-of-town retail or leisure developments - our footfall and traffic layers provide an accurate visual indication of daily activity in and around any area in the UK.
Combining industry-leading mobility data with our powerful search tools
Leverage our sourcing tool to efficiently identify prime land opportunities at scale, perfectly aligned with your mobility demands. Utilise our advanced spatial filters tailored to footfall and traffic data requirements to pinpoint the most viable sites, without wasting time and resources on unsuitable options.
Footfall data as shown in Searchland

Comprehensive footfall data

Explore our heatmap-style visualisation of footfall data, which illustrates daily pedestrian volumes across the United Kingdom.

Navigate through the map to uncover footfall statistics, helping you locate areas of high or low footfall depending on your needs.
Traffic volume data as shown in Searchland

Accurate traffic data

View passing vehicle volumes for roads across the UK with our traffic data layer. A simple visual key illustrates the volume level on each road, additionally, users can interact with the data to access the specific daily vehicle traffic volume figures.
Public transport data shown in Searchland

Explore public transport options

Providing an extensive overview of nearby public transportation routes and services, we’ve added layers to our interactive map view to show bus stops, train stations and rapid transit stations.
Road data as shown in Searchland

Complete overview of road networks

Explore our comprehensive and accurate mapping of road networks across the UK. Including Motorways, A roads, B roads and Minor roads. Helping you identify sites near specific road amenities.

Reliable data sources

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