Simplify and speed up site sourcing with predefined workflows
Searchland's site sourcing workflow is aimed at assisting users in identifying development opportunities using a mix of our predefined filters (such as Class MA and Class Q) and a huge array of customisable filters layered together. Upon finding a suitable blend, workflows can be saved for future use.
Project board for effective management
Any discovered opportunities can be saved to a dedicated project board, serving as a central hub for managing the entire site-sourcing process. Moreover, users can configure Zapier triggers to initiate specific automations across different tech platforms, and even automate letter dispatch to streamline communication with landowners.
Search tool results in Searchland

Search for the perfect sites

Use predefined plot search filters for permitted development rights e.g. Class Q,  Class MA and infill sites.

Or use our powerful custom criteria to find development sites based on over 100 filters including distance to the closest adopted and emerging settlement boundaries.

Saving sites to project cards in Searchland

Save sites to a project board

Save your site search to a project which can be revisited. Use the Kanban board to manage your entire process from sourcing, due diligence, initial contact and close. Seamlessly bulk export sites to KML format or upload your documents to projects.
Direct to vendor letter sending tool in Searchland - showing the letter template feature

Automate your letter sending

Use our Direct to Vendor letter tool to automatically send personalised letters to landowners or occupants from sites saved in your projects.

Reliable data sources

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