Automate your letter-sending process with templates and merge fields
Searchland's Direct to Vendor (DTV) letter-sending feature is a robust automated tool enabling users to conduct mass letter campaigns to landowners directly from the platform. With customisable designs, users can personalise letters with their branding and use merge fields to automatically populate letters with details saved from titles.
Monitor and track letter campaigns effectively in Searchland
Use real-time letter tracking to monitor each letter's send status (delivered, sent, or en route), making it easy to manage bulk campaigns from a dashboard. And there's no need to visit the post office; Searchland's integrated mailing service efficiently handles the printing and posting on your behalf, further simplifying the process.
Direct to vendor letter sending (DTV) in Searchland

Tailor your letters design

Craft professional letters with Google Docs or upload existing Word documents to save time. Customise letters with your logo, title plan, contact details, and signatures.

Choose who you target

Target company directors, land owners and occupiers of the plots you are interested in.

Monitor and track your campaigns

Track the send status (delivered, sent or en-route) of your letters in one dashboard.

Reliable data sources

Build your pipeline faster than competitors

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