Feature update: Letter sending

Say hello to the newest iteration of our powerful integrated letter-sending feature. Bringing you even more enhancements and capabilities to further amp up site prospecting.

February 28, 2024

Finding off-market sites and filtering out the great ones is often just the first part of the journey to building out a successful and repeatable site and property sourcing cycle. 

Next comes prospecting. The process of contacting landowners and persuading them to hear your proposal, and if the stars align, agree to part with their asset.

Whether it's driving directly to the location and physically knocking on doors, finding email addresses to contact or looking up numbers and picking up the phone - they all are time and labour-intensive processes that can be difficult to scale up as you grow.

The best way to contact landowners

The answer? Letters.

While it may seem counter-intuitive for a tech platform to champion one of the world’s oldest forms of communication - in the site-sourcing world, letter writing is the king of prospecting. 

And with Searchland letter-sending becomes simple, repeatable and infinitely scalable. And if you need some tips, you can read our letter-sending best practice blog.

New letter UI in Searchland
Our newly refreshed letter sending UI

Direct to vendor letters tool revamped 

Our DTV tool has consistently been a standout feature, seamlessly bridging the gap between research and action. It empowers users to transform their saved sites into impactful communications, allowing them to send letters to landowners at scale by digitising the tedious tasks of writing, printing, and mailing letters.

While the previous iteration of our letters tool allowed users to create branded letter templates, personalise content with merge tags and send letters through our direct mail partner - we’ve made some changes to make it even better.

  • Bulk sending: With our tool, there’s no limit on the amount of recipients you can add to a campaign! It's mass mail in the truest sense.
  • Status tracking: Stay in the loop with updates on your letter's progress. 
  • Source selection: Easily choose the sending source of your letters and automatically populate recipients and addresses from either Land Registry, address in plot, Companies House or Directors.
  • Personalised recipient management: Tailor recipient details individually with a click. 
  • On-the-fly editing: Customise letters before sending, sans template modifications. 
  • Streamlined search: Locate letters by various parameters such as name, source, or status. 
  • Resend capability: Follow up on your prospects by resending letters and campaigns.
  • Comprehensive metrics: Keep tabs on total, delivered, cancelled, and returned letters. 
  • Team collaboration: Invite team members and manage campaigns collaboratively.
  • UI & UX enhancements: improved to get you sending letters more efficiently
  • Carbon offset: Every month, Searchland will offset the carbon footprint and  CO² emissions generated through your letter campaigns by planting trees in sustainable and certified projects worldwide.

Want to know more about our newly improved letters feature? Get in touch to arrange a personal demonstration and learn how you can supercharge your prospecting campaigns.

July 9, 2024

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