New data: Scotland insights in Searchland

Are you exploring development possibilities across Scotland? Searchland is your go-to solution. We’ve expanded our reach beyond England and Wales to include Scotland, offering innovative and comprehensive access to critical planning and sourcing data.

May 31, 2023

From the bustling streets of Dumfries to the rugged cliffs of Dunnet Head, Searchland is unlocking land-sourcing opportunities for developers with their comprehensive and innovative Scotland data set.

This expansion equips Searchland users with a level of coverage in Scotland comparable to that of England and Wales. It encompasses over 30,000 square miles of intricate details encompassing planning, sales, infrastructure, and ownership information, among others.

The Scottish development landscape is witnessing a remarkable uptick in interest, particularly in Edinburgh, where investment has surged significantly, outstripping last year’s figures despite challenging economic conditions. In light of this growing interest, now is an opportune moment for developers to delve deeper into the potential of the Scottish region.

Scotland land data in Searchland

Scotland data: Comprehensive land sourcing filters and layers

  • Title information covering: planning, EPC, DXF and Ordnance Survey
  • Ownership, County, Council and parish boundaries
  • DNO data
  • Sales and rental data
  • Conservation areas, Green Belt, AONB, Ancient Woodland, SSSI, Natural Parks, Country Park, National Nature Reserves, Local Nature Reserves, SPA, Special Areas of Conservation and World Heritage Sites
  • Agricultural land
  • Listed buildings
  • Scheduled monuments
  • Scottish flood zones
  • Soil layer depth
  • National forests and land
  • Scottish wild land

Ready to speed up your land sourcing in Scotland? With Searchland, quickly find and assess suitable sites in minutes, not days. Enhance your prospecting with our easy-to-use tools. Contact us to arrange a demo and see how Searchland can streamline your land-sourcing process.

*Some tools and features are only available to users with a Professional license. To learn more or upgrade your account get in touch!

July 9, 2024

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