Building an effective planning appeals strategy

In the complex world of property development, we shine a light on the strategic role of appeals in planning applications and the transformative power of data. Discover how to turn the insights into your most valuable ally in creating a comprehensive planning appeals strategy.

November 1, 2023

Why planning appeals are so important to developers

Securing planning permission has never been ‘simple’. But as local and national policy and planning constraints have become more complex, so too has the road to planning approval. 

So it’s crucial to think ahead - not just about planning applications, but also the strategy to tackle planning appeals.

Why an appeals-focused approach matters

While the instinct is to steer clear of appeals, they are an indispensable part of your strategic toolkit.

With around 30% of planning applications being refused, the appeals system is a pivotal aspect of the development landscape. It's a safety net ensuring that planning decisions are fair, consistent, and aligned with overarching planning policies.

Knowing the local planning trends before application can help developers predict if their project might have issues. If trouble is ahead, they can plan early on how to deal with any objections.

Harness the power of property development data tools

Gone are the days when developers relied on guesswork and gut feelings. In our tech-driven age, land-sourcing tools are essential in transforming raw numbers into compelling insights. 

Before starting planning applications, developers should look into these key pieces of information:

  • Recent and historic planning applications
  • Planning appeal success rates 
  • Documents relating to applications, decisions and appeals

By scrutinising current and historic planning application data, developers can anticipate potential objections and tailor their proposals for success.

Planning refused! How to appeal a planning decision

If a planning application is refused, or granted with conditions, developers can appeal for up to 6 months from the date on the local planning authority’s decision letter.

An appeal can be sought if any of the following apply:

  • Refused planning permission
  • Granted planning permission with conditions you object to
  • The Local Authority did not give a decision in time
CTA showing Searchland's Mastering Appeals Guide

Building an appeals strategy with Searchland

When an appeal is necessary, it's important to back it up with a strong, data-driven case. Use historical data to understand and emulate successful appeals, or gather evidence to support your arguments based on local development trends.

Developers should read the Decision Notice for the refusal reasons and the Committee Report to understand how planning policy was interpreted in their decision.

Along with the help of planning consultants and input from other project stakeholders, data from similar schemes can be leveraged in an appeal. Here’s how:

  • Find winning appeals: Use our Planning Application tool to locate appeals (locally or further afield) that overcame similar objections
  • Collect statistical evidence: Accumulate statistical data about nearby developments, focusing on footprints, density, and unit types.
  • Utilise street view for ground exploration: Explore sites using our street view tool collecting visual evidence to respond to objections related to sight-lines, building lines, distances, and design concerns.

Want to learn more about appeals? Meet our experts in our webinar Mastering planning appeals: Maximise your chance of approval.

With Searchland's suite of tools, transforming planning appeals from daunting challenges into well-navigated victories is within grasp. To find out more about the tools available to Searchland users, request a demo with our team.

July 9, 2024

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