Searchland partners with leading BNG Marketplace GAIA

It’s the Biodiversity Net Gain Proptech partnership you’ve been waiting for! Together with GAIA, the UK's leading BNG marketplace, we've developed a comprehensive and cutting-edge tool to transform how you engage with BNG projects.

May 15, 2024

With Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) kicking off in February, we’ve been busy figuring out how our prop-tech platform can make a real difference. Digging into the problems that early adopters are meeting, and finding genuine ways to help developers speed up finding and assessing sites.

As always, we're not just about tossing widely available data onto a simple map overlay. It’s about crafting smart, innovative workflows that turn these datasets into powerful tools that save you time and give you an edge. We're all about transforming complex data into something you can use to make better decisions, faster.

But if you’ve already tackled BNG, you know it's not a walk in the park. There’s a lot of habitat data to sift through, calculations to crunch, and big decisions to make about enhancing biodiversity, whether that's on-site or off-site. Plus, you have to navigate the complexities of units and credits.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with GAIA - the UK’s leading marketplace for BNG units. Together, developing what we believe is the most advanced and comprehensive BNG tool available in any land-sourcing platform.

Searchland founders and GAIA (Hugh Gibbs, Tom Petley, Arthur Goodhart, Ben Askins and Mitchell Fasanya L-R)

Our new BNG tool has four incredible assets to help developers tackle their Biodiversity Net Gain challenges from multiple angles.

Here’s what it can do:

Tool 1: BNG Screening - Explore existing habitats

Check out the BNG Screening tool to see detailed information about the habitats on a specific site, including how many BNG units it has, the types of habitats, and their health. 

Tool 2: BNG Listings - Direct access to GAIA’s marketplace through Searchland

Our exclusive partnership with GAIA brings you over 20,000+ accredited BNG units within Searchland.

Tool 3: BNG Sourcing - Find off-market habitat banks

Interested in habitat banks? Our BNG Sourcing tool helps you find potential off-market sites that can be developed into habitat banks.

Tool 4: BNG Habitats - Visual overview of BNG data

Our BNG Habitats tool provides a visual, all-in-one map of our BNG data.

Arthur Goodhart, Co-founder & Head of Data at Searchland said: “The ultimate goal for this partnership is to provide a one-stop solution for land-sourcing. From assessing a site's existing biodiversity to finding suitable sites where you can purchase BNG units and even discovering potential sites for future BNG habitat banks - there’s no need for other BNG tools.”

Ben Askins, Co-Founder of GAIA, continued, “By combining GAIA, the UK’s largest BNG marketplace, with Searchland’s advanced land-scouting tools, we’re providing developers with all the data and resources necessary to tackle any challenges they might encounter with Biodiversity Net Gain.” To find out more about the tool, visit our dedicated features page, or to see it in action book a demo with the team.

May 9, 2024

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