New tool: Annotate your maps in Searchland

Introducing map annotations. Easily add notes, draw out potential sites, and outline the footprints of planned buildings. This feature simplifies marking areas of interest and visualising planning ideas on our map.

December 19, 2023

Our most requested feature is here! Say hello to map annotations and notes.

The scenario is all too familiar. You're surveying potential land opportunities, needing to sketch a site plan on a map to visualise your proposal, or perhaps you want to add notes to a suitable parcel of land for future reference. Traditionally, doing this on a separate app or scribbling in a notebook has been a cumbersome affair, completely siloed from the rest of your site sourcing process.

But that's a thing of the past. With Searchland's latest feature, you can now effortlessly draw and annotate directly on our digital map. This integration streamlines your workflow, allowing you to create site outlines, and make or modify annotations as you work  - without leaving Searchland.

Annotations in Searchland

New tool: annotations

Annotations is a straightforward and user-friendly tool designed to enhance your mapping experience. Whether you're planning a project, outlining buildings, or pinpointing key locations, our feature allows you to customise your map with notes, easily draw potential sites, and delineate your proposed structures directly on the map. Here’s what you can do:

  • Toggle annotations on and off when you need to use them
  • Share your annotations, notes and drawings with your team
  • Edit or remove annotations as your plans evolve
  • Draw an array of shapes - circles, rectangles or freeform polygons
  • See the measure meant o f circle annotations
  • Duplicate shapes instantly
  • Rotate and resize drawings
  • Change the colour of annotations
  • Add and edit text notes
  • Automatically calculate the area and perimeter of drawings
  • Highlight areas of interest with the pinpoint tool

Drawing a development plan

Map data annotation
: Select any visual layer, like SHLAA, and effortlessly trace zones for future reference. Enhance your maps with detailed notes, including planning application references or constraints. It's like having a digital canvas to sketch out your strategic insights directly on the map.

Area planning made easy: Spot several land parcels ideal for housing development? Sketch out an area map of the neighbourhood with ease. Annotate with key points of interest, from road entrances to natural features like woodlands and soil types, crafting a comprehensive overview of your potential project area.

Visualise your development plans: Bring your housing development vision to life. Draw proposed boundaries and plot out footprints, gaining a clearer spatial understanding of the site. It’s like having a bird's-eye view of your future project, allowing for precise planning and creative brainstorming.

If digital annotations are the missing piece in your land-sourcing process, it’s time to get in touch and see our platform in action. Book a demo with our team today!

October 17, 2023

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