How Rightmove rental and sold data will help property developers

Looking for a land-sourcing platform with live rental and sales listings? Searchland is levelling up with a groundbreaking integration with Rightmove's on-market data.

October 23, 2023

By combining our trusted features with the UK’s most extensive on-market sales & rental data, we’re creating the most unique land-sourcing experience on the market.

You might have already heard the big news. We’ve officially launched a new integration with Rightmove to be the first off-marketing land-sourcing platform to integrate their data for developers to explore. It's a huge win for those looking to get an even more comprehensive view of on-market property data, alongside our industry-leading strategic land tools.

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How Rightmove data can revolutionise land-sourcing

While we stack Searchland with as much relevant, timely and useful data as we can, working together with Rightmove supercharges our search results with even more insights - which could be the key to elevating enquiries and sealing deals.

Real-time access to sold price data and comparables

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is that the Land Registry data we crunch, which gives us an idea of sold prices, can lag by up to 6 months. 

This means that data can be out of step with market movements - especially when things get volatile. With Rightmove, house price data is fed directly from their live listings, so we can provide real-time access to how the market is performing as things happen.

Timely information can make or break property deals. While Land Registry data provides historical benchmarks, live sales data from Rightmove, as presented through Searchland, sheds light on the market's current pulse, helping you forecast trends and act swiftly, especially in fluctuating market conditions.

Rental data changes the land-sourcing game

Integrating with Rightmove also brings some brand-new insights to Searchland. So, in addition to sales data, we’re now sharing live and historic rental data, providing huge benefits for those working in social housing and build-to-rent sectors. And if you want to take a look at comparables - no problem.

With demand for rental properties in the UK continuing to rise, access to these insights will help developers better understand the viability and returns on prospective opportunities.

Everything you need under a single roof

We know that it’s frustrating having to hop between different resources to gather comprehensive site data. By integrating Rightmove’s insights into Searchland, we’re giving our users access to much more under the same roof. This lets our users spend more time making progress finding opportunities, and less time repeating searches elsewhere. And the best thing - its simple, seamless and all wrapped in our user-friendly UI.

Want to know a little bit more about the new data we're uncovering? Some exciting insights include - energy ratings, property attributes, tenure and year built. But that's not all. Read our Rightmove data insights blog to get the full picture.

Fancy seeing how this works? Book a demo with our team today to see all these insights in action.

October 17, 2023

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