Automating land-sourcing with Searchland and Zapier

Our new integration with Zapier seamlessly connects Searchland with more than 6,000 other apps, helping you to automate workflows and connect data sources - speeding up your land-sourcing activity.

September 29, 2023

Speeding up the way you source land and development opportunities has been our thing since 2020, but we’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience. 

While we’ve made the searching part simple, it’s always been our goal to help you keep your eyes on the prize - freeing up your time to focus on following up and winning those deals. 

With Zapier we’re making that even easier - enabling you to make your own personalised  ‘no-code’ workflows - connecting the different software apps you use to automate admin, improve accuracy and save time.

How do Searchland and Zapier work?

Zapier is a tool that serves as a digital bridge between software systems, allowing two or more apps to work together and conduct tasks (called Zaps). A Zap starts with a trigger event that sets off a sequence of actions between your different apps - helping automate some of your more mundane processes.

Here’s an example: If you receive an email in Gmail with an attachment, you can set up a Zap that automatically saves that attachment to Dropbox and then alerts you in Slack about the new Dropbox file.

The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

A illustrated workflor of Zapier in action. Showing examples of app triggers and app actions

Automating tasks in Searchland

To get started, you will need a professional plan with Searchland and a paid account with Zapier. Once ready, navigate to our Integrations page, log in to Zapier, and begin constructing your workflows.

You can initiate a Zap by choosing from a variety of trigger events in Searchland, such as adding a card, saving a property title or receiving a planning alert. Once an event is triggered, a chain of follow-up actions will begin. Some Zaps may consist of one or two steps between a handful of different apps, or a complex sequence of interconnected actions across many different platforms. There's more that 6000 app integrations, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Outlook, Slack and many more.

Remember - no coding is required! Simply drag and drop actions, apply branch logic, and zap away.

How about this: If you save a property title you can set up a Zap that creates or updates a record in Hubspot, which then sends an alert in Slack to your sales team, and loops back to Searchland to create a new Project.

Zap your workflows into shape

It may seem like you’re another layer of tech to your sizeable stack, but the whole point of Zapier is to build workflows to take care of the tasks you’d rather avoid. Here’s how that can help your business:

  • Time-Saving: On average, Zapier users save a whopping 10 hours each week, allowing for a shift in focus towards more strategic work.
  • Process Enhancement: By streamlining these processes, you are freeing up valuable time, which can be used to grow your business.
  • Boosted Accuracy: With increased accuracy, you can trust that you’re always working with the most reliable information.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Searchland user, or want to jump on the platform for the first time - request a one-to-one demo of the platform with our team to see the power of automation in action.


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