Searchland partners with commercial data powerhouse EG

The commercial data partnership you’ve been waiting for is here. Access on-market commercial property sales, lettings, leasehold and completed deal listings along with rich property data exclusively in Searchland

July 8, 2024

Searchland has entered an exclusive partnership with EG, the UK’s leading source of commercial property data. Our collaboration will transform how developers and investors assess opportunities, conduct due diligence and run market analysis.

With our Commercial data tool, powered by EG’s data, you can now access up-to-date commercial property sales and lettings listings, completed and historical deals plus detailed commercial property information - helping you to assess opportunities with accuracy, keep your finger on the pulse of market movements, scoop deals and spot future opportunities.

Previously, you might have relied on multiple platforms for your commercial property data. Now, everything you need is conveniently available within the Searchland ecosystem - eliminating the hassle of switching between apps!

What's more, we're also unlocking crucial leasehold data associated with commercial property listings - providing incredible insights that can help you assess income potential, or perform due diligence on potential investment opportunities. 

And the juicy part - we’ve got exclusive sub-seven-year leasehold data, making you more agile when it comes to securing lucrative opportunities you can’t find on other platforms.

This isn’t just another data interface. We’ve wrapped EG’s data into Searchland’s user-friendly and accessible platform with our powerful filters and dynamic visualisations, making complex data easy to access and interpret. 

So, with our residential sales and rental data powered by Rightmove, and commercial data powered by EG, we're no longer just an off-market land-sourcing platform - we’re the complete package.

Searchland x EG logo

New features in our Commercial Sales and Lettings tool:

Commercial sales listings: Direct access to real-time commercial property sales listings and historical deals

Commercial lettings listings: Instant access to a nationwide database of commercial live lettings listings and completed deals

Advanced leasehold data:  View existing leases, time left on leases, property yields, and rental income, plus vendor, purchaser and agent information

User-friendly data visualisation: Dynamic tools to visualise and analyse market data.

On the EG partnership, Mitchell Fasanya, Founder & CEO of Searchland, says “Searchland began as an off-market land sourcing and assessment tool for property developers. However, our vision has always been to expand it into a comprehensive tool for any business in the property, real estate, and development sectors.

“The key to achieving this vision is data. Our partnership with EG unlocks some of the most exciting and powerful on-market commercial property data available today.

“Combined with our property sourcing tool, industry-leading planning application data, and extensive geographic and demographic insights, our collaboration with EG has elevated Searchland to the essential tool for residential and commercial property experts.”

David Salisbury, Commercial Director at EG continued .“EG has over 165 years of experience driving the commercial property market forward. Combining our data with Searchland’s technology, we can serve our customers more efficiently, ensuring a smooth site sourcing and due diligence process. We are excited to partner with such a forward-thinking and agile business

 “Together we are committed to giving our customers easy access to the best possible data wherever they need it.”

Want to see how these new features can benefit your business? Book a demo with our team.

*Commercial data is a paid add-on for all subscription types.

July 9, 2024

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