New flood risk layers: Surface water and flooding

As the UK grapples with varying weather conditions, the necessity for accurate flood risk assessment has never been more evident. We’re enhancing our land-sourcing tools with the expansion of our flood data coverage into Wales and Scotland.

November 15, 2023

The recent changes to England's planning regulations mean that a flood risk assessment is now a mandatory part of the planning application for developments in flood zones. Recognising the importance of this requirement, we’ve updated our platform to include more new layers that offer wider insight into flood risks across more areas, aiding developers in making well-informed decisions about their projects.

Flooding data for Wales: New layers

To enhance your understanding of flood risk in Wales, we have incorporated a suite of new data layers into our platform, offering a comprehensive overview of areas prone to flooding. These updates include:

  • Flood Zone 2
  • Flood Zone 3
  • Areas Protected from Flooding
  • Areas at Risk from Surface Water Flooding

Our intuitive platform allows users to activate these layers with a simple toggle, revealing intuitive, colour-coded visualisations that span across Wales. When combined with our existing planning constraint and land-sourcing layers, these enhancements provide an unparalleled level of insight into Welsh planning challenges.

Flood data for Wales as shown in Searchland

Flooding data Scotland: New Layers

Expanding our reach further to cover even more corners of the UK, we've added critical flood zone data for Scotland. This update is particularly pertinent given the current weather conditions affecting the region and the challenges flood risk pose for developers.

Flood data for Scotland as shown in Searchland

We’ve added layers for:

  • Flood Zone 2 & 3: aligning with the data we've provided for England and Wales.
  • Surface Water Flooding Data: We've enriched our database with Scottish Surface Water Flooding data, introducing two new categories for exclusively for Scotland 1 in 10 years and 1 in 200 years flood events, marked with distinctive colours for clear differentiation.

Whether you're a developer, surveyor, or land enthusiast, staying informed about potential flood risks is imperative. With Searchland's latest updates, you have the most current and expansive data at your fingertips. Navigate through the new layers, discover the comprehensive data, and make informed decisions with confidence.

*Some layers are only available to users with a Professional license. To learn more or upgrade your account get in touch!

July 9, 2024

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