New feature: Upload layer

When moving from an existing GIS platform to Searchland, don't leave your hard work behind. Bring all of your custom datasets along with our new Upload layer tool.

March 19, 2024

If you’ve been using a GIS system for several years, you’ve likely amassed a shedload of custom datasets, or visual layers that make your life easier.

And while the desire to jump over to a more modern and innovative platform like Searchland is on the cards, leaving all of your hard-crafted data behind or maintaining two platforms is a no-go.

Whether you’ve created zones of interest in a particular region, plotted out the location of specific amenities around the country, or developed visual overlays of non-standard planning constraints and local infrastructure - we’ve made it simple to bring it along as you transition from your old system to Searchland.

New feature: Upload layer

An example of a custom layer in Searchland, showing cycle routes in York
A example of a uploaded layer in Searchland showing cycle routes in the city of York

The new Upload layer feature makes adding your bespoke data to Searchland easy - just drag and drop your file and hit 'upload'. It's perfect if you're moving from an existing system like QGIS or ArcGIS and want to bring your data into Searchland, or if you’re an existing user that requires a niche dataset that others usually don't think about.

The great part - you can upload layers yourself. No need for feature requests or waiting for our tech team to get it processed. It's pretty much instant and you’ll be using your bespoke layers in no time at all.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the desired file format (Shapefile, GeoJSON or KML) from your device and upload it
  • Once uploaded, the layer will be displayed on the Control Centre and whenever selected, it can be viewed on the map
  • Toggle layers on/off when you need them, and combine them with other data layers to visualise all the information you need to see at the same time
  • Additionally, you can customise the name and colour of the layer to make it easily distinguishable
  • Add as many custom layers as you want. there's no limit on the number of datasets you can upload
  • Only available to Professional license users
Example of a Homes England data layer in use on Searchland
An example of a data layer from, uploaded into Searchland

Upload layer works with the above file types and can even bring through any associated metadata - ensuring tags and labels coded into your data layers are replicated in Searchland. You can even upload datasets from online repositories like Ordnance Survey or - ensuring you can constantly refine and customise your Control Centre with the data that matters the most.

And there you go - another one-of-a-kind tool from our creative team at Searchland HQ. Ready to try it out? Which data layer are you going to upload first?

October 17, 2023

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