New sourcing tool: Proximity filters

Discovering the ideal site in the perfect location is now more effortless than ever. Introducing the brand-new Proximity feature, designed to empower users with precise location insights. Now users can easily find sites based on their proximity to key amenities.

November 28, 2023

As developers dive into the exploration of extensive, unfamiliar territories for their next major project, the absence of in-depth local insights can significantly impede their decision-making process. 

This knowledge gap might be the critical factor that determines whether they uncover a highly profitable venture or end up investing considerable time and resources in assessing a location that, in the end, fails to satisfy key requirements. 

Understanding the local landscape isn't just beneficial; it's a crucial step in ensuring that every project has the potential to be a success story.

Whether it’s situating a new GP surgery on a bus route, agricultural land for a solar farm that needs to be in proximity of a substation, or developing housing with convenient motorway access, understanding the proximity to key amenities is vital for developers.

While it's possible to gather local data from various sources, compiling all this information in one place is not only time-consuming but also impractical. This process often leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities in the fast-paced world of development.

‘Distance to’: locating potential sites at scale

Our innovative proximity filters enable users to swiftly pinpoint titles within a specific distance of essential amenities. These filters, like all others in our toolkit, are designed for flexibility. They can be layered and combined, allowing users to effortlessly locate sites that align with multiple location criteria.


  • Distance to closest Rapid Transit Stop
  • Distance to closest Bus Stop
  • Distance to closest Train Station


  • Distance to closest Motorway
  • Distance to closest A Road
  • Distance to closest B Road
  • Distance to closest Minor Road


  • Distance to closest HMO


  • Distance to closest Substation (any)
  • Distance to closest Primary Substation
  • Distance to closest Bulk Substation
  • Distance to closest Grid Substation
  • Distance to closest Substation where headroom is red-rated
  • Distance to closest Substation where headroom is amber-rated
  • Distance to closest Substation where headroom is green-rated
  • Distance to closest Tower (any)
  • Distance to closest Primary Tower
  • Distance to closest Bulk Tower
  • Distance to closest Grid Tower
  • Distance to closest Power Line (any)
  • Distance to closest Extra High Voltage Line
  • Distance to closest High Voltage Line
  • Distance to closest Medium Voltage Line
  • Distance to closest Low Voltage Line
  • Distance to nearest national grid tower, cable and substation

Health & care

  • GPs
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Social Care Facilities
  • Opticians
  • Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Dentists

Proximity tool in action on Searchland

While our current focus on key local amenities significantly benefits businesses in renewable energy, housing, and commercial sectors, we understand the importance of expanding our offerings. Stay tuned to our social media channels for upcoming updates. We're excited to announce that we will soon launch new filters designed to calculate the proximity to the nearest:

  • School
  • Cafe/Restaurant
  • Supermarkets/Shops
  • Green spaces
  • Civic Amenities
  • Nurseries
  • Banks
  • Post Offices

As the requirements of Searchland’s users evolve, we’re constantly working to bring more tools and innovative insights to the platform to create the most comprehensive tool for land and development sourcing. If you’d like to explore our latest features, get in touch and book a demo.

October 17, 2023

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