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The 2024 guide to Land Assembly: For property developers

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The 2024 guide to Land Assembly: for property developers

“Land Assembly” can be defined as acquiring small parcels of property to form a larger parcel of land for the purpose of redevelopment. Finding profitable development opportunities, especially larger-scale ones, can be difficult. Land Assembly provides ambitious developers with the means to make those opportunities reality.

What does the guide cover?

Our 2024 guide will teach you everything about Land Assembly, including:

  • Common types of sites to consider
  • Available government support
  • How to acquire land for assembly
  • Getting planning approval
  • Mastering this using Searchland’s Land Assembly Tool

Ready for Land Assembly?

Searchland's Land Assembly Tool allows you to combine multiple adjacent plots by selecting them together, as well as editing your outline, and customising your (potential) overall site. If you’re feeling inspired about Land Assembly and what our tool has to offer - we hope you are - book a demo with one of our team.

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