“We’ve reduced a week’s worth of work into a couple of hours using Searchland”

Green Code Holdings shares their experience of using Searchland, the “life saver” tool which they use on every call, in every project, hundreds of times during the week.

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Green Code Holdings is a team of experienced Designers, Architects and Engineers in London, delivering visionary design concepts and projects throughout the UK. They joined Searchland after seeking a tool that could help them save time in gathering due diligence data for their clients with utmost accuracy.

Challenges Green Code Holdings faced before Searchland:

  • Time wasted navigating multiple sites to gather data
  • No instant access to data during client calls
  • Lack of up-to-date data

 “We use Searchland on every call, on every project, hundreds of times a week”

We caught up with Ada Musta, Director at Green Code Holdings who told us Searchland was a “life saver” for her and her team, using just about every feature we offer. Before using Searchland, her team would spend a week’s worth of time gathering relevant data for their clients, a task that has now been reduced to just a couple of hours, thanks to having all the information in one place.

The platform is used differently by each team within the company. Their sales team can instantly access planning data during client calls, while the architecture team can explore other planning approvals in the area, review design and access statements, and track their applications.

“We now reduce a week’s worth of data gathering into a couple of hours” 

“Receiving instant planning alerts means we don’t have to check each council website for updates”

Searchland’s live planning alerts feature ensures Green Code Holdings doesn’t have to proactively check application statuses daily on every council website. They receive instant notifications, saving time and keeping them ahead of the competition.

The ‘live planning alerts’ isn’t the only automation tool saving Green Code Holdings time. Our AI Tool allows them to find information about local council plan documents within seconds, and the ability to buy title deeds directly on Searchland spares them from navigating government websites.

“It’s the best tool we use in the office and I don’t understand how other architectural firms can access all that information without it.”

“We’re looking to start sourcing our sites on Searchland to later develop”

What’s next for Green Code Holdings? Their company is growing in an exciting new direction, aiming to source their sites for development, alongside their current services offerings.

They’ll be diving into our letter-sending tool in the coming weeks, guided by our customer success experts who will visit their office to help them master the tool. This will enable them to send thousands of letters to landowners at the click of a button, ensuring they secure sites faster than the competition.

We look forward to seeing their future endeavours and how Searchland will support their rapid growth.

-Quotes from Ada Musta, Director at Green Code Holdings

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