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Turbo charging site screening and landowner contact for Landvest

Meet Landvest

An authority on planning gain, their operations span commercial, residential and mixed use property development. Landvest works across planning and development consultancy to deliver value for clients.

Now, powered by Searchland…

Our powerful data sourcing, automation, and project management tools help Landvest find and screen sites faster. As a business that's expanding, in an opportunity driven sector, making the right data a key part of the process — Searchland’s tools go to work at pivotal stages within Landvest's project timelines.

Searching for off-market land is one of the most time-consuming parts of the development process. Before they had Searchland on deck, the Landvest team spent a huge chunk of their working day trawling through disparate land and ownership maps, plus scattered policy data. 

“The sourcing tool is the game changer.”

Toolbox top picks

Our Sourcing tool and Direct-to-vendor letter sending features simplify the timeline for acquiring viable off-market land.

> DTV letter sending

Landvest gets in front of landowners first with their go-to Searchland tool. Handing them back valuable time, our platform means they now have relevant data (and the viable opportunities within it) at their fingertips, in just a few clicks of a button. ‍Our innovative, built-in DTV letter sending tool enables them to send custom introductory letters, straight from our platform — with the option to include Land Registry ownership details. Cutting out this extra layer of administration both speeds up the sourcing process, and gets the attention of landowners, loudly and rapidly. Instantly, they’re ahead of the competition.

Running a more efficient system for sending out DTV letters, with the knock on effect of more replies from interested landowners, Landvest increased their output… 

From 100 letters a month to 150 per week.

> Sourcing tool

Being able to create bespoke searches with intuitive site sourcing tools has been “revolutionary” for the Landvest team. Armed with Searchland's fully customisable land and property sourcing filters, searching by criteria (including location, plot size and developed areas) became easy and uncomplicated. Tailoring site searches to their specific needs for a project became second nature. As a result, they can shortlist viable development land quickly and with ease.

> Mapping layers

Used alongside the Sourcing tool, Searchland’s comprehensive mapping layers enable Landvest to seamlessly collate relevant information together. As a result, their team can make quick, data informed decisions on individual sites.

What next?

Handing them back valuable time, our platform means Landvest now has relevant data (and the viable opportunities within it) at their fingertips, in just a few clicks of a button. Finding, screening and acquiring sites, funnelled into a faster process by our instant, data-rich platform, with everything easily accessible in one place. By streamlining and automating their site sourcing workflow, our tools have been fundamental to Landvest's growth journey.

"These tools can transform the way we source land."

— Quotes from Richard Collins, Director, Landvest

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Searchland has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes us to analyse new opportunities.
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