New tool: Land Assembly

Finding profitable development opportunities, especially larger-scale ones, can take time and effort. Land Assembly provides ambitious developers the means to make those opportunities a reality.

April 30, 2023

When it comes to unlocking the potential of a development site, several key factors come into play. The size of the site often sets the stage; it needs to be big enough to accommodate your vision. Location is equally crucial – being on the fringe of an existing community can offer unique advantages. Proximity to existing infrastructure is not just a convenience, it's a necessity, ensuring your project is feasible and accessible.

As competition for ideal development sites intensifies, finding locations that tick all the boxes is increasingly challenging. Developers need to adopt a new mindset and try different strategies

What is Land Assembly?

Land Assembly transforms individual, often underutilised parcels into a single, more valuable site. This process could involve neighbouring gardens or a cluster of unused properties. While these pieces may not hold significant value on their own, their potential skyrockets when combined. 

This not only enhances the land's utility but also empowers developers in price negotiations. The true value emerges from the synergy of the assembled plots, reducing limitations and unlocking more potential.

Common types of property in Land Assembly

Gardens - a great option for Land Assembly, and are also one of the most frequently discussed when the topic comes up.

Brownfield sites and adjoining plots - this is land that is already developed, so you’re not paving over anyone’s garden, and permission to replace disused buildings is sometimes simpler.

Agricultural - This often involves grouping smaller parcels of adjoining agricultural land to create a suitably sized development

How to acquire land for assembly

Land Assembly inevitably involves dealing with multiple stakeholders and landowners, a process that will require careful balancing of priorities, motivations, and desires. It's vital to remember that this doesn't have to happen all at once. Land Assembly often unfolds over time, allowing for the gradual alignment of interests and acquisition of properties."

New tool: Land Assembly

Our Land Assembly tool allows you to combine multiple adjacent plots by selecting them together, as well as editing your outline, and customising your (potential) overall site.

As you do this, all the associated titles, ownership details and previous sales data will automatically be available to view. There's also the option to save the land assemblies you create, so you can return to them later.

Land assembly tool in action

What does the land assembly tool do:

  • Simply search and click to combine land parcels by title
  • Save combined titles into a land assembly
  • Provide a complete overview of the assembled site including planning insights, sold comparables and dimensions
  • Use the Direct-to-Vendor letter-sending tool to contact the various landowners involved in land assembly

With Searchland's intuitive tool, creating land assemblies can ultimately lead to rewarding outcomes, transforming scattered plots into cohesive, high-value developments. If you would like to see this in action, make a date with our team to arrange a personal demo.

October 17, 2023

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