Searchland x Rightmove: leading the property insights data race

From the outset, our mission at Searchland has been fuelled by one clear purpose: to revolutionise how developers, entrepreneurs, planners and architects source and assess sites at scale. Our integration with Rightmove's data brings this vision into sharper focus than ever.

October 26, 2023

Every month, Rightmove advertises over a million residential properties across resale, new homes, and rentals, amassing an extraordinary wealth of on-market data trends, rental insights, and property sales that developers and investors can use to influence commercial decisions.

While it's certainly possible to navigate between various platforms like Searchland and Rightmove to gather all the essential insights – we envisioned a more streamlined approach.

Our industry-first Rightmove integration brings a vast array of their on-market data directly into our land-sourcing tool for the first time. The integration provides our users with immediate, in-app access to crucial on-market data, helping them assess potential opportunities faster, understand the viability of projects, and compare sites to similar opportunities in the local area.

The power of Rightmove’s property market data 

Powered by Rightmove Data Services, the new integration opens up real-time market insights in our platform. But what does this mean for our users:

  • As-it-happens market data - sales listings, rental price information, status (let agreed, available, SSTC etc), time on market and comparables
  • Access to comprehensive property attributes - number of bedrooms, bathrooms and habitable rooms, tenure, year built, floor area, furnishing status, parking, floor level, property type (terrace, semi-detached, detached etc) and property status (retirement housing, student accommodation, sold at auction etc).

Helping developers maximise the opportunities they find with Searchland

Here are the key features and benefits that the data brings:

Enhanced opportunities & informed decisions: Utilise on-market comparables for profitable build-to-rent opportunities, broadening your spectrum of possibilities.

Insightful real-time market performance: With Rightmove Data Services feeding market comparable data directly to the Searchland platform, developers gain a real-time perspective on market dynamics.

Holistic market picture: Access a combination of real-time listing data and historical sales data spanning 25 years, offering a complete market overview.

Better understanding of rental returns: Evaluate rental listing prices against sale prices to better understand potential rental returns.

Competitive advantage: Identify emerging markets, discern pricing trends, and adjust strategies effectively to stay ahead.

Financing & Investment Partnerships: Secure more accurate appraisals and foster confidence among lenders and investors with invaluable on-market data, crucial for financing and forming investment partnerships.

Simon Dawson, Director of Rightmove Data Services and Insights commented “As part of the UK’s leading property portal, Rightmove Data Services understands how important it is for developers to have accurate and contemporary information when appraising development sites. 

“By working with Searchland, we can provide some of the biggest developers in the country access to our unique property and pricing data. This relationship highlights our dedication to enhancing the property development landscape and providing superior data in the easiest-to-use format.”

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October 17, 2023

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