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Discover how SME developer Adewole successfully found his first three development sites with Searchland’s Sourcing Tool.

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Meet Adewole Ademolake

With 12 years of experience in the property development industry working for house builders, local authorities and housing associations, Adewole recently became a property developer with his firm A’lake, primarily focusing on schemes between 1-9 homes. He found his very first site using Searchland in 2022 and has been on a roll ever since. 

Three new sites found and acquired using Searchland so far

Adewole has found and signed three options agreements and purchased one site using Searchland, a promising start for a first-time developer. His first site is currently going through planning. He tells us that this particular site would have easily doubled in price had it gone to auction, which is why a direct-to-vendor strategy works so well.

“I would have never found these sites without Searchland’s incredible sourcing tool, something other platforms just don’t have”

Toolbox top picks

> Sourcing Tool

This tool is crucial for Adewole to source sites in new areas. Bespoke search queries allow him to look for sites with specific criteria, taking into consideration things like the plot size, percentage of the area developed, past planning application history and planning constraints. His approach is always progressing, and this tool adapts to his ever-changing needs. 

> Planning Tool

Uncovering insights by exploring historical and live planning data is essential for any property developer. The Planning Tool allows him to make informed decisions before purchasing plots. He is also able to use this tool in his day job as a property development manager for local authorities. “I’m able to understand what the planning position is on a particular site, together with the constraints”, he tells us.

> Rightmove on-market sales and rental data

Adewole is interested in both the build-to-rent sector and developing properties to sell. Having access to our on-market data allows him to see the previous sold price information on neighbouring properties, as well as rental prices in specific locations, all in real-time. 

“Having worked in the property development industry for 12 years, I can say it's very straightforward to use and the information is clear. It's a very, very good tool.”

What next?

Adewole’s current plan is to develop the sites which he has acquired. His goal is to source more off-market opportunities and obtain planning permission on those sites. He says he will also focus on securing investment to take on more schemes. 

“There’s always support available, and Searchland is very receptive to taking feedback and delivering on those features. It's been a great journey so far.”
— Quotes from Adewole Ademolake, Director at A'lake.

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