“The sleekest land-sourcing platform” they’ve ever used

Renewable energy specialist Greenfield joined Searchland just over a month ago, in their quest to find a platform which offered Scotland data. The platform exceeded their expectations, leading them to close down other platform licenses which would no longer be of use.

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With over 30 years of experience in the renewable sector, Greenfield specialises in the investment, development and delivery of sustainable and renewable-led infrastructure projects. Having joined the platform just over a month ago, they already had a gleaming review of the platform…

Challenges Greenfield was facing before Searchland:

  • No access to Scotland data on other site-sourcing platforms
  • Having to use multiple platforms to get accurate searches
  • Lack of product roadmap transparency on other platforms

“The onboarding process was very smooth”

Within a few days, we were able to migrate Greenfield’s projects from other platforms they were using over to Searchland, ensuring the team’s full integration and familiarity with our platform. 

Elisha Richards, Project Lead at Greenfield, was able to source sites immediately using past saved filters. In just a couple of sessions, she had already identified three promising sites from a land perspective, accounting for all relevant constraints. They are now actively pursuing site leases and acquisitions.

“The team would be there to help me at the drop of an email.”

“I thought I would have needed much more time to learn how to use the platform, but it was actually very self-explanatory and an easy system to understand,” Elisha tells us. “The customer journey has been fantastic and I would definitely recommend the platform.

Elisha also quickly recognised our platform's new features voting system, which allows customers to have a genuine say in the prioritisation of upcoming features. Greenfield had not seen such transparency in a development roadmap before.

“We’re closing our other platform licenses as we speak”

Initially, Greenfield turned to Searchland primarily for our industry-first Scotland data. However, they soon made the decision to migrate all their UK searches over as they found it offered superior performance compared to their previous tools. After years of trolling for hours across other platforms, Greenfield sees Searchland as "a breath of fresh air" and a transformative tool for their data analysis approach.

“It's also a significant step up from GIS (Geographic Information Systems), specifically in regards to visuals, which are everything when you have 12+ layers on a map to find your ideal site”. 

“Searchland is a game changer and I’m officially an enthusiast.” 

“The sourcing tool will be a huge time-saver for us”

With previous platforms, Elisha had to manually search for sites suitable for development. With our Sourcing Tool, she can now instantly pinpoint all sites across the UK which fit her specific criteria, combined with our extensive DNO (Distribution Network Operator) data. This will save her hours of work a week.

“We’ll be sourcing sites on Searchland until we’re out of substations”

Greenfield’s future with Searchland certainly looks promising. They aim to source as many sites as possible near substations across the UK with Searchland supporting them on this journey. So, whether they are sourcing land for solar, battery, wind, or hydrogen projects, our Sourcing Tool can adapt to their requirements as new challenges emerge.

Quotes from Elisha Richards, Project Lead at Greenfield.

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