“Searchland gives us access to leads we wouldn’t find elsewhere”

South West property firm GTH shares their experience of utilising Searchland across multiple teams to access rich data and reach new leads.

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Greenslade Taylor Hunt (GTH) is one of the largest property firms in the South West, with diverse expertise spanning development, planning, new homes, agricultural land and auctions. Their multifaceted operations demanded a powerful tool to streamline their processes.

Challenges GTH faced before Searchland:

  • No comprehensive tool for monitoring development sites
  • Limited detail and customisation in previous prospecting tools
  • Difficulty in keeping up-to-date with planning applications and permissions

We met with Owen Setter, Head of New Homes at GTH to understand how Searchland is helping the business thrive. With 18 offices across the South West, Searchland has enabled GTH to deliver a far more consistent approach to new home sales. 

One of Owen’s goals has been to ensure that all their offices receive new homes instructions. 

“Searchland lets me hone in on specific areas around our branches, create projects and identify suitable opportunities that our branch managers can then explore"

Searchland’s broad toolset means everyone at GTH uses it differently. On the planning side of the business, planners track planning applications and appeals, as well as identify opportunities for strategic land development.

“We use Searchland to monitor all planning applications in an enormous area, keeping up-to-date with what’s happening, who has permission, and new applications.”

Other parts of the team use the tool to identify ‘oven-ready’ development opportunities.  This has opened up new possibilities that were previously out of reach. GTH has been able to book meetings with developers they’ve never met before, and provides them with access to leads they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 

"It’s amazing to have one tool that employees from each department can access and use in different ways".

The impact of Searchland on GTH:

  • Access better off-market opportunities
  • Source strategic sites using our SHLAA tool
  • Enhanced site validation with comprehensive data

For all new customers with large teams, our customer success team at Searchland schedule in-person visits to client offices to ensure teams are making the most of the platform.

“The customer success team visits have been a noticeable personal touch. The team have helped us create projects, identify sites in specific areas, and arrange site visits with local branch managers”, Owen tells us.

GTH continues to leverage Searchland’s capabilities to stay ahead in a competitive property market. With tools that automate processes and provide detailed insights, Searchland has become an indispensable part of its operations.

What’s next for GTH? 

They plan to further integrate Searchland into workflows, using the platform’s advanced features to continue finding and assessing development sites at scale.

We look forward to seeing how GTH continues to thrive and innovate with the support of Searchland.

— Quotes from Owen Setter, Head of New Homes at Greenslade Taylor Hunt (GTH)

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