"Searchland has improved our hit rate and engagement rate"

Creating affordable housing developments with V10Homes

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Creating affordable housing developments with V10Homes

Meet V10Homes

Specialists in bringing sustainable housing projects to life, in partnership with housing associations nationwide, V10Homes aim to create homes that enrich local communities. 

Now, powered by Searchland…

Their process for figuring out the viability of a site has sped up, and simplified, having been on board for just over a year. V10 homes work with over 70 housing associations, our features have become key in helping them identify new portfolio expansion pathways.

Before joining the Searchland platform, V10Homes relied on the housing associations themselves to feed them key data, to get the ball rolling with a new development. Often, data was missing, or delayed. Now, equipped with our automated, data rich tools, they have the  specifics they need to move a project along swiftly, all in one place, at every stage.

"Searchland improved our hit rate and engagement rate in the market.” 

Toolbox top picks

> Layering filters

When a housing association is in the planning stages of an expansion for new build development, it’s often important for them to already have stock in their chosen area. This is where our Layering tool comes in. Using the tool, the V10Homes team can quickly identify a site, and get an accurate overview of who dominates housing association stock in the area — pointing towards ideal leading RPs options as a next step.

> Land registry data

V10Homes are keen on being able to extract Land Registry data through the platform. Once they’ve appraised a site, they use Searchland to create a more accurate picture of value. Looking at the sale details of other sites that have been recently traded nearby is useful at this stage. From here, checking their plot prices against other similar plot values is easy. For a swift viability check, V10Homes also tap into the Land Registry feature to compare the price a landowner paid for a site, against their ideal purchase price.

What next?

Not only does our platform digitally assist V10Homes when they’ve already been commissioned for a project, but it’s also become an essential part of how they scope out new projects and clients. This puts them in front of new opportunities, highlighting the presence of housing associations in locations they weren’t aware of before.

“Searchland short circuits our appraisal work. It’s easy to use and it’s never let us down.”

— Quotes from Karl Timberlake, Land & New Business Director, V10Homes.

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Searchland has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes us to analyse new opportunities.
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