“Searchland gives a complete offering for us, compared to other tools on the market”

Global commercial real estate agent Avison Young shares their journey with Searchland so far, and tells us how our robust data and user-friendly platform have given them a competitive edge in the property industry.

Global commercial real estate
favourite feature:
Sales & rental data comparables

Avison Young is a global commercial property firm with over 100 offices in 19 counties - striving to generate economic, social and environmental value. They joined Searchland after searching for an intuitive tool to access the best property and land data, ensuring they remain ahead of the competition in their field.

Challenges Avison Young faced before Searchland:

  • Lack of sales, rental and planning data accuracy 
  • No Strategic Land datasets
  • A need for custom features for their team
  • Speed of new feature delivery

“The rapid delivery of custom features since we joined has been impressive”

Josh Rose-Nokes, Director of Innovation and Insight at Avison Young, was on the market to find a tool which would provide data around land, planning and transactions that the company could rely upon, at speed. Our developers have worked closely with various teams to understand and deliver the bespoke tools required. Within four weeks of joining, we developed and launched three significant new features, benefiting Avison Young along with our other clients.

“It gives us confidence that Searchland is proactive in delivering features we need to do our jobs.” 

“Searchland gives us the data we need to have a competitive advantage in the market”

Data is at the core of what Avison Young does as a business and their commitment to data quality reassures their clients about the reliability of their advice. Our leading on-market Rental & Sales data from Rightmove and Planning data are of particular interest. Searchland offers the most accurate up-to-date land and property data in the industry, positioning us as the obvious choice as their site-sourcing tool. 

“We’ve seen other sourcing tools available but feel Searchland gave a complete offering for us, and the platform is more intuitive and user-friendly.”

Josh also praised Searchland for its excellent UX design and responsive customer support team, noting their crucial importance for a firm that relies on daily, widespread use of the product.

Avison Young has a promising future ahead with Searchland. They are now looking towards our land and property data API integration, aiming to leverage our data with their internal analytics team, enabling more bespoke solutions for their clients. 

— Quotes from Josh Rose-Nokes, Director of Innovation and Insight at Avison Young.

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