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A L M Holdings was one of the first clients to join Searchland. We spoke with Hassan Ali, Land Acquisition Manager, about his journey with us and how the platform has been a game-changer for his family’s business.

SME residential developer
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Planning Tool

A L M Holdings, a prominent SME residential accommodation developer, has dedicated the past 15 years to enhancing distressed property assets. Hassan Ali, who ventured into the student accommodation sector of his family's business at the age of 25, was one of Searchland's first adopters.

Challenges before joining Searchland:

  • Spending hours looking through multiple platforms to find property data
  • Manually researching & analysing company information
  • Dealing with outdated data on official Council and government websites

“It was everything I wanted in a software that allowed me to quickly gather data at a speed, which a lot of people aren’t used to in this industry.”

Over two years ago, Hassan embraced the relatively new platform for sourcing sites and was impressed from day one with what Searchland had to offer. 

Before using Searchland, he would manually go through the process using Google Maps to locate sites, access company details from Companies House, read long PDFs & charge sheets, and spend hours creating his own report. “I can now do all those tasks on one platform, at speed”, he commented.

“What used to take me 2-3 hours now takes me 10 minutes”

Hassan can now effortlessly access a wealth of information, including company ownership details, local area comparables, flood risk data, and even PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Levels) ratings with a simple click. He often conducts research while on the move, using Searchland on his phone for quick access.

“Searchland is very dynamic and the information just flows so smoothly”

“We’ve successfully acquired four sites worth £3.5 million so far”

For developers, sourcing sites, conducting site appraisals, obtaining planning permissions and starting development is a lengthy process. Remarkably, within just two years, A L M Holdings accomplished the successful acquisition of four sites found on Searchland, valued at over £3.5 million and is now ready to begin development.

“Having instant access to company ownership data is a big advantage for us”

From our range of features, A L M Holdings use our Planning Tool to look at site history, and our Ownership data to access information on companies, title boundaries, title information and more, on a daily basis. Hassan emphasises that our data is the most current and comprehensive around, distinguishing it from other datasets such as those provided by Councils or Government websites, which he describes as "outdated" and "incomplete."

We’ll be looking at sourcing many more sites over the next few years using Searchland”

A L M Holdings remains steadfast in its mission to expand its development site portfolio. Looking ahead, Hassan intends to continue his daily searches and plans to start using our Direct-to-Vendor Tool, noting that it will undoubtedly further reduce his workload.

“Searchland has evened the odds when speaking to property professionals”

Quotes from Hassan Ali, Land Acquisitions Manager at A L M Holdings.

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