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How will big data improve your site sourcing strategy?

The traditional method of sourcing sites is slow, cumbersome and inefficient. Thankfully, change is here. Big data is delivering faster and better insights for developers, and SearchLand is leading the way.

Published on
December 6, 2021

The traditional method of sourcing sites has become totally outdated.

Lead generation and site sourcing are foundational to property developers of all sizes, and the constant strain to keep your pipeline full of promising plots (whether this is conducted in-house or by a third party) can be a major barrier to commercial success.

Having to track down Land Registry data and local council files so you have all the necessary information about a potential site has hitherto been a time-consuming and painstaking process. Developers will know this all too well.

But it does not have to be this way, as our co-founder Hugh Gibbs explained to Property Reporter.

Embrace technology

The search for sites is ultimately a search for data – who owns what, what planning can I get, what will it cost me. It is a question, therefore, of making it as quick and easy as possible to access, analyse and understand that data.

SearchLand was specifically designed to remove stress from site sourcing. Our platform makes finding the right site for your next big project as easy as searching for it on Google.

Layering all the relevant data on top of satellite-image maps makes spotting suitable parcels of land straightforward – it does not matter if you are looking at the edge of settlements, backland plots, or infills between existing properties.

A better price 

Other services that compile this essential information into one resource are typically inflexibly priced, making them cost-prohibitive for smaller developers. We built our pricing model to be fair and transparent, where cost is scaled to usage so companies of any size can benefit from big data.

Being data-driven can improve every element of how your business operates, trimming away waste and inefficiency and enabling you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on the right information.

Signed, sealed, delivered 

Letter sending is a prime example of where our data-driven approach can dramatically improve efficiency. Filtering thousands of potential sites through our platform instantly removes unsuitable sites, thereby reducing the volume of letters you need to send. And by integrating that function into our platform, you can send fewer letters with less effort and to greater effect – this is just one way in which SearchLand can improve your business.

Today, virtually every industry is going through some form of data revolution. Finance, healthcare, education – we are seeing again and again that data-driven companies are able to run more efficiently, and identify opportunities in the market that others have missed.

Data and you

To remain competitive in the frantic property sector, SME developers need every advantage they can get. Embracing data is one of the best options.

Accessing more data, pulling out the key nuggets of information quickly, and creating a plan of action from those insights is of critical importance if you want to be successful when sourcing sites. And that can be done quickly, easily, and affordably with SearchLand. 

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