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Looking to boost your development pipeline? Use planning and property data to its full potential and get to deals quicker and with fewer headaches.

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Run multiple letter campaigns

Data in one place

It takes +35 data resources to assess the development potential of a site. SearchLand brings these to you in a single click. We’ll also show you how these layers interact on the map so you can see how planning policy relates to land ownership without needing to toggle through the layers.

Automated Sourcing

We wouldn't be called SearchLand if you couldn't search for land. That’s why we’ve built the sourcing tool. Search for sites that meet specific criteria including the percentage of undeveloped land, use class and building height (bungalows won't be here for long...)

Customisable letter

Send letters without leaving your computer

It’s one thing to find a site but another to engage with the landowner. The SearchLand letter sending feature means you can run letter sending campaigns without leaving your screen. Join today and we’ll show you what this can do for your conversion rates.

Personalised inputs

Detailed Planning History

SearchLand captures over 30 years of planning history data and makes this available for you to see. You can also search the entire council or UK for key applications using our planning application tool and with our planning alerts feature you won’t miss a submission.


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Improve address accuracy
Proprietor Address
Planning Alerts
Include site plans
Planning Constraints
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Sales Comps
Letter Sending
Time saving automation
Automated Sourcing
Automate messages to multiple landowners

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